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We specialize in providing innovative logistics and supply chain solutions that help businesses optimize their operations, reduce costs, and drive growth. We also offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions to complement our logistics and supply chain services. Our digital marketing team works closely with businesses to develop effective strategies that drive traffic, generate leads, and increase conversions.

Providing innovative solutions

Strategic Sustainability: Transforming Supply Chains for a Responsible Future

In today's competitive landscape, achieving both business excellence and environmental stewardship is a complex challenge. That's where our strategic expertise comes into play. We specialize in providing strategic advice to businesses seeking to integrate sustainability into their supply chain operations. By carefully analyzing your current practices, we tailor solutions that optimize efficiency, reduce waste, and minimize environmental impact. From selecting renewable energy sources to planning transportation routes that cut down carbon emissions, our strategic guidance empowers you to make decisions that align with both your financial goals and eco-friendly values. Partner with us, and let's build a supply chain that's not just robust and profitable but also reflective of a commitment to a greener future.
With a long-standing history in the oil and gas industry, we recognize the growing shift towards sustainable practices. Specializing in the integration of sustainability within supply chain structures, our approach is built on the principles of responsible energy consumption and environmental protection. By aligning traditional energy production objectives with a vision for a sustainable future, we embody our commitment to "Bridging Oil, Gas, and Sustainability: We make it possible". Leveraging our industry expertise and strategic planning, we offer tailor-made solutions to enhance efficiency and foster growth without environmental compromise. Our innovative strategies transform supply chain operations within the oil and gas sector, creating resilient, sustainable practices that ensure long-term success. Partner with us to be part of the exciting evolution towards a greener and more prosperous energy landscape.

Integrating Sustainability with Industry Needs:


Supply chain logistics consulting services

Our upstream energy consulting services provide expert guidance and support to help clients navigate the complex landscape of oil and gas logistics for exploration and production. Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry and can provide customized solutions to help clients reduce costs, improve efficiency, and minimize risk.


We offer specialized sustainability consulting services tailored to businesses seeking to align their operations with environmentally responsible practices. Leveraging our expertise in eco-friendly strategies, we guide clients through the transition to greener practices, from resource optimization to waste reduction and compliance with environmental regulations. Our goal is to help you achieve both business success and positive environmental impact.

Digital Marketing Services

Our Digital Marketing services utilize tested methods and advanced techniques that are tailored to client business needs, enabling client to connect with their target audience, boost client on line presence, and drive client business growth and revenue forwarding with confidence.


By partnering with us, you gain the strategic advantage of fostering responsible growth without compromising on profitability or compliance. Our commitment to sustainable practices ensures that your business is well-positioned to succeed in today’s environmentally conscious market.


Digital experts with a deep understanding of logistics and supply chain management for innovative solutions.


Real-time visibility into your supply chain for data-driven insights and informed decisions.

Real-time visibility

Building long-term partnerships with clients through ongoing support and guidance for success.


Scalable and customizable solutions for businesses of all sizes to optimize operations and drive growth.


Researching and implementing the latest technologies for cutting-edge solutions at the forefront of the industry.


As an expert in the oil and gas logistics industry, Yury Kichigin has written three well-received books on the subject, which are highly regarded by executives in the oil and gas and logistics industries in Russia.
He has also contributed regularly as a columnist in the media holding «Sector Media» as an oil and gas expert.
Yury Kichigin has served as a moderator for Moscow Oil & Gas Conferences in Oil & Gas logistics sessions from 2019 to 2020 and has been a professional speaker at Oil & Gas and Logistics conferences from 2017 to 2021.

Conferences and publications

yury kichigin

Yury Kichigin is a highly experienced and accomplished professional in the oil and gas logistics industry with over 30 years of experience. He holds an Executive MBA from IMD, Consulting for Coaching and Change with INSEAD, Advanced Management Program with IESE, and has taken the MIT Chief Sustainable Officer program. He is author of few books about Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Oil and Gas Industry.
As an expert in digital marketing, Vasily was recognized in Jason Miles' acclaimed book "Instagram Power." His achievements and innovative approach in the field of social media marketing were featured, showcasing his success in driving impactful Instagram strategies.
In addition to his digital marketing expertise, Vasily is also an international speaker. He has been invited to share his knowledge and experiences at prestigious conferences including the Leap Summit, AW Summit, Payoneer Forum, and Intrigue Summit. Furthermore, he has taken his leadership a step further by organizing his own events.

Conferences and publications

VASILY kichigin

Vasily Kichigin is a dynamic digital marketing expert, excelling in innovative social media strategies and exceptional content creation. Through his work on Fiverr, he has collaborated with over 13,000 clients across a myriad of industries, offering strategic consulting and system building to fuel successful marketing initiatives. His comprehensive approach to digital solutions underscores his standing as a distinguished figure in the industry.


Yury Kichigin's new book presents a variety of new ideas on the digitalization of enterprises and the development of contract logistics.
The book combines two very important and closely related topics - contract logistics and digitalization, which are rapidly developing side by side.
Yury Kichigin explains the way high-quality logistics affects the efficiency of supply chains in the oil and gas industry.
Yury Kichigin on how high-quality logistics influences supply chain efficiency in the oil and gas industry

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